Our mission is to work with you to solve these problems

Bottled Water

There is massive pollution and cost in bottling, transporting and disposing of plastic bottles. And of course, once the bottle is open, the water is susceptible to all kinds of external contamination.

Tap water

How many kilometres of pipe does your water travel through before it gets to your tap? Every metre is a chance for contamination, which is why tap water has chlorine added, to prevent microbial growth. Unfortunately it also badly affects the taste and smell.

Filter Jugs

Filter jugs only do part of the job of purifying. They remove some particles and contaminants but also the protection of chlorine, but even the best are not capable of fully purifying the water of bacteria and viruses. To then have the filtered water sit and stagnate, only exposes the water to further contamination.

Mankind’s activities have tempered with the quality and balance of the two most important things essential to all life, water and air. We must try to restore that quality and balance.

— Eddie Rashid

We will install a water purification system in your home which is appropriate to the type of water you are receiving and support the installation with a service where you will never have to worry about when and how to replace your filters, parts and fittings.

Our Water Heroes will attend your premises twice a year to replace the filters and service the system ensuring the system is left operating at optimum level.

We are passionate about the environment and want to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles sold, one household at a time.

Research shows for every household that switches from buying bottled water to one of our purification systems, there will be on average 1,000 less plastic bottles sold and therefore will not end up at the bottom of our oceans.

We want to encourage everyone to drink purified water from their tap as their main source of drinking water. Not only does it provide health benefits, it also saves you money and is kinder to the environment.


3.2B litres of water is drank yearly in UK

45% of bottled water sold is filtered tap water

On average in the UK a family of 4 spends at least £500 yearly on bottled water

We believe getting clean, pure healthy drinking water should be easy, and not cost the earth.